Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Moon: Sydney, Adelaide, New York

You can't go anywhere without the moon.  It follows you whenever you travel, so that you always have a souvenir of home.  Wherever we are it shines on us.  It connects us all.  
And it couldn't care less about us.  
Despite its remoteness, it is always well groomed and indeed a scene stealer. Here are a few moons I've collected over the years.  

A partial eclipse

A bite taken out of the full moon
Mood shot
I love this one: it is so chocolate box

More of the same: you can't waste a pale pink sky with TV aerials

As it rises further, it is no longer an orange, more a cheesecake

Last pink sky, I promise
Light show on the Sydney Opera House sails - with an upstaged moon

Sydney Opera House sails - new pattern


The moon, aloft, aloof...

A low key outfit for the Opera House sails

The moon in veiled attendance to Adelaide's light show

The moon caught up in the action
Red moon over New York (you've seen this in my New York post, but I had to include it in my moon-themed post)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Northern Lights: Adelaide's light show

North Terrace is Adelaide's showcase of fine colonial buildings and includes the city's art gallery and state library. 

Most of the time, it leads a life of quiet sandstone dignity, except when South Australians have a festival of the arts. 

Then they romp. 

This light show - called Northern Lights - on North Terrace coincided with Adelaide's Writers' Festival in February 2010. 

Projections cast on the buildings drew attention to their design, bringing out their finest features.

Each projection lasted about three minutes, then would fade - to reveal a disappointed facade.  After a theatrical pause, a new projection would sweep across the building, and all would be well again.

Moon over Adelaide's North Terrace

The light caught the leaves out

Elder Hall: all frocked up.
Same building, new frock


Close up of South Australia's state floral emblem: Sturt's desert pea
Bonython Hall: one minute a vine-covered castle, then ...

...a pink palace...

...a red fort.
The moon cast a sober light on such frivolity
Will this building EVER live down its pink pillars?

Unfamiliar Customs: a light show

Unfamiliar Customs is how this light show is described.  It throws a large scale image on a traditional sandstone building called Customs House on Sydney's harbour edge.

It was part of the Vivid Festival, a light show after dark in Sydney's winter, in June 2011.

During the day, our city buildings went about their business with quiet dignity.  At night, they romped, and all without moving from the spot.

The light animations turned them into surreal cartoons of themselves, and when it was over, the light show left no trace and the buildings denied it ever happened.

All that remains of this event are the Youtube uploads: take a guided tour of the event with google, it's awesome. 

This my first Youtube upload, so be kind to me.